Skin MD Laser And Cosmetic Group Adds CoolSculpting And Venus Legacy


(Peabody, MA)–Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group, a premier Massachusetts-based laser rejuvenation firm, has recently announced that they have added CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy to their offered services. The treatments are designed to help patients eliminate fat and smooth and tighten the skin. To learn more about how each procedure works or to get more information about what Skin MD has to offer, please visit their website at

Katie Murphy, a partner at Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group and the company’s Executive Vice President of Operations and Sales, stated “We are very proud to be able to add CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy to our service offerings. With summer just around the corner, many patients are looking for a way to get ready for the beach. These procedures, when used in combination with each other, have the potential to give patients the body they really want without having to worry about the safety issues or downtime that come with surgery.”

Cool Sculpting is a body contouring procedure that helps patients get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat by essentially freezing fat cells so that they will eventually cease to function and then die off. A variety of treatment applicator sizes can effectively eliminate fat everywhere from the stomach and inner thighs to the neck and the love handles. CoolSculpting can be used in conjunction with Venus Legacy, which uses multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic fields to produce soothing heat on the skin. In turn, this heat smooths and tightens the skin, helping to get rid of wrinkles and smooth out cellulite.

As Murphy goes on to say, “CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy are two of the most innovative treatments on the market, which is a huge part of why we are now offering them at Skin MD. They are beneficial for patients because they require no invasive action, no dieting, and no exercise. Our patients can finally get rid of the fat from their problem areas and have smooth skin that will allow them to enjoy the summer heat without worry.”

About Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group:

Under the direction of Dr. Paul Flashner, Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group is staffed by highly experienced Registered Nurses and Aestheticians, who are leaders in the field of non-invasive aesthetic rejuvenation. They offer laser services for patients of all skin types and conditions with state-of-the-art laser systems. Their skin care services blend non-invasive technologies, injectable and laser therapies into a highly customized aesthetic care plan designed and developed by their medical team. The mission of Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group is to partner with patients to look, feel and be their best while providing them with the most superior treatments in non-invasive aesthetic medicine today.


Turn Your Sunglasses Into a Hidden Spy Camera!


It is true. Even if you are not an expert in electronics, you can turn your run-of-the-mill sunglasses into a hidden spy camera! And all for a very low cost, with minimum effort and knowledge on your part, and with just a few basic tools and parts. Here is how.

Things You will Need

You will need black sunglasses, preferably the type that wraps around your eyes and can accommodate a mini camera on its side. The darker the sunglasses, the better to conceal the hidden spy camera.

You will also need a mini spy camera, which you can get online or from auction houses. If possible, secure a mini spy camera with color capabilities and audio-recording capacities. This way, you will have higher quality video and audio footages.

You also have to look for a mini camcorder for recording the video and audio footages. Opt for a gadget that fits easily into your pocket. With some types of camcorders, you might have to use cargo pants for its wide pockets.

You also need to buy 24-gauge black wire to extend the wires on the hidden spy camera. Also purchase a 9-volt battery for its power source.

The tools necessary for this type of do-it-yourself project are your trusty wire snips for cutting wires, your soldering gun to solder wires, shrink tubing to protect the wire connections, and a hot glue gun to attach the spy camera to the sunglasses. If you have all these and a little patience, then you are set to make your very own homemade hidden spy camera.

Modify the Mini Spy Camera

First, expose the separate wiring in the camera by peeling off the protective one-wire casing. Using your wire snips, trim the exposed wires on the spy camera to about 3-4 inches from the camera itself. You should see 4 exposed wires – power, audio, video, and ground. All these should converge into three connectors only – power, audio and video – since the ground wire is connected to all three.

Get your black wire and cut four lengths of about 4 feet. Using your soldering gun, you will then solder each length into the exposed spy camera wires. After this, you have to add heat shrink tubing to protect the new connections. You will then put finishing touches on your ready-to-be-mounted hidden spy camera by soldering the other wire ends to the appropriate connector end. You can apply more shrink tubing as necessary to produce an all-black wire, which will blend with your black sunglasses.

After thoroughly cleaning the sunglasses, you can then mount your modified   mini  spy camera on the sunglasses’ arm. Choose the side which fits you more comfortably.

You then connect the audio and video wires of the  mini  spy camera to your camcorder. Add the 9 volt battery to the power line and you are set to go. Just hide the wires inside your shirt and on to your pants pocket.

Enjoy! You can now shoot video and audio footages with your homemade hidden spy  camera ! Imagine the endless possibilities of this gadget. Just be very careful as laws and ethics can be very different from your own purpose.


Surveillance Cameras – Here, There, and Everywhere!


Expect  surveillance   cameras  in upscale places and in sleazy neighborhoods where there’s a lot of human traffic; you either love them or hate them.

Sneaky  Surveillance   Cameras : Love Them?

They are everywhere. So if you think you’re safe inside an elevator forget it. There are  surveillance   cameras  in those innocent-looking lifts. No smooching and making faces or dancing to Beyonce’s rocking in your MP3 while on your way to the 18th floor. Somebody is rolling all over the floor watching wacko you. Well, you never know so be on guard and behave wherever you are and save those antics for later when you are with friends. But if you’re trapped in an elevator, these  cameras  can spot you instantly.

 Surveillance   cameras  are both a bane and a boon. These are supposed to deter crimes and yet they invade everybody’s privacy. The boss wants to snoop, storekeepers want to check on you, and airport security has their radar on you. You can’t get away with anything if you’re caught on these nosy cameras. Yet for all their unpleasant purposes, these cameras can save your day and your life.

The next time you step out of the door, be on guard. Those cameras are everywhere ready to take you on. Instead of looking over your shoulder or peering into the top of streetlights, stay cool and get used to the idea you’re on  camera . That entails remembering Emily Post’s Ps and Qs.

Public and Private Transport

 Surveillance   cameras  are flooding public and private transport systems. Buses, trains, planes, taxis, boats and ferries are loaded with these cameras. These may be mounted on obvious places or hidden from the public eye. So be on your best behavior.

Parking Lots

 Surveillance  goes to parking lots. The presence of  cameras  in these areas can deter car-napping and kidnapping and the more cameras around, the better. Those trying to take off in the car after snitching some stuff from the convenience have hell to pay later because these  cameras  can get their car’s plate numbers!

MacDonald’s Drive-Ins

Everything you say and do when you make an order at the drive-in is recorded. If a MacDonald staff has reason to complain about you, they are armed with the digital recording fed by their  surveillance   cameras . The MacDonald people may gleefully post the video on YouTube, what a crying shame!


So you thought you’d get away with those nuisance cameras at the park. Not so fast. These cameras are there for keep an eye on vandals. Unless you have reason to fear those cameras, get away from parks!

Church and Schools

In places of worship and on the hallowed halls of academe, the tireless eyes of hidden or mounted cameras keep on recording the slightest motion; hence, the best of your behavior should be on show.

Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants

Do not take the bait when these establishments assure you there are no hidden  cameras  in the john or in the powder room. These places need these  cameras  to deter vandalism or catch vandals.

Next time you go gallivanting, be on red alert. You are on  surveillance   cameras  here, there, and everywhere!


Getting Down To Basics with Resources

Tips On Watching Online Psychiatry Videos

Many medical and psychiatric procedures done actual on video have been a popular research and learning material for many people, as well as medical practitioners. There are various ways you can watch surgeries and other psychiatric videos where you can learn about the procedure. You may either watch it live by attending a surgery or watching a recorded psychiatric video online.

Commonly, medical students are the ones who are able to watch actual and live surgical procedure in the hospital, while the general public and the students are the ones who are watching online psychiatry videos and clips of other medical procedures. There are videos that are available online, ranging from psychiatry procedures, orthopedic videos or joint replacements, reconstructions, general surgeries, and heart-related procedures such as bypass surgeries and heart stint insertions.

To watch these videos on your laptops and mobile devices, you will need to install a media player software to support the video.

These online videos teach you the specific medical procedure you want to learn and study. These clips can teach you a lot of details on the actual undertaking of surgeries for the heart, teeth, bones, ear, nose and throat, as well as laproscopy and other general medical procedures. If you want to acquire a solid background in the procedure, the videos offer great help in making you better understand the health procedures that are involved.

To find out more various procedures through clips, there are videos available for playlist viewing in many health-related channels. There are websites around the Internet that have pages where you can choose between different categories in medicine. You will need to install a media player software application to be able to play the whole video after downloading it.

On those pages, you can select the procedure or surgery that you want to watch. The clips of the procedures are categorized under the same common medical field, such as online psychiatry videos. It is easy to find what you are searching for and you just have to download it. Many of the online psychiatry videos are recorded and not live. There are live streamed videos of online psychiatry that allow you to ask questions and email inquiries along the away, if the video is presented through a webcast or a similar platform. Many videos will have a date and if it does not say it is love, there is no way that you can ask live questions because of the video being pre-recorded, but there are instance when you can email the person.

You may be required to secure permits from the hospital administrators should you wish to watch a surgery done live. Usually, these privileges are given to medical students.


The Beginner’s Guide to Businesses

Choosing Pasadena Orthodontists

Teeth misalignments can be both a health and beauty problem depending on its severity, and can even lead to cases of early dental loss. Braces of various types and materials are the most common treatment for different cases of dental misalignment, designed by dental specialists that are trained in orthodontics. Orthodontics is a dentistry field that specializes in handling wide cases of dental misalignments that may also include the jaw bone, through accurate diagnosis and specialized treatment strategy. Orthodontists require additional years of studies to specialize in this area to prepare them in designing unique solutions to different cases of malocclusions that can greatly vary from one to another.

The history of orthodontics as a part of dentistry can be traced back to 2000 years ago as evidenced by unearthed mummies in Egypt and Rome with metal or gold bands wrapped around their teeth, until continuous evolutions led to the invention of the first models dental braces in the 1800s. Dental research continued over the century, until x-ray was finally incorporated late in the century, which provided a more accurate diagnosis through complete visibility of teeth that may be hidden or impacted.

Proper set of braces were only developed during the 1900s, were first materials used included ivory, zinc, copper, and wood, which depends on the budget, preference, and availability, but dentists often prefer gold due to its better flexibility. As more innovations were discovered in the following years, adhesives were developed to replace most of the wire pieces that need to be wrapped around every single tooth. Stainless wires also became the primary material for creating braces, replacing the early metal materials that are more expensive. Later innovations also created invisible braces that can be placed on the back of the teeth, and 3D technology was developed to create clear retainers that became a popular material all over the world.

In cases of severe malocclusions that involves extreme jaw misalignment, surgical procedures are indicated in order to restructure and reshape jaw bones prior to using dental braces. Treatments are always designed around the diagnosis and identified causes of the malocclusion, with the applied braces adjusted at least every month to control the movement of each teeth toward its intended alignment.

When choosing your orthodontist, make sure to check on your dentist’s specialties and applicable experience to make sure that your case will be diagnosed and handled properly. Orthodontics has become a common dental specialty today, with most orthodontists capable of handling nearly all materials used in creating braces. Some of the common materials may be contraindicated in some cases, so it is important for patients to determine their case first prior to choosing materials. Once the patient chooses his preferred material, it also best to check that the dentist has complete certificates and the necessary permit to legally practice this dental specialty.

Source: orthodontist in pasadena ca

The 10 Best Resources For Shops

The Most Amazing E-liquid on the Market

It is undoubtedly true to say that technological advancement has brought about many positive lifestyle changes, whereby things that were done in a certain way in the past have been improved to provide more convenience, security and also to enhance a healthier lifestyle without compromising the original feel and satisfaction of the particular product in question. In those regards, it is notable that one particular product has seen extensive positive change, the traditional cigarette that used to be made out of a roll of tobacco has now an alternative in the electronic cigarette, which has many healthier and Eco-friendly benefits to both the smoker and the environment at large.

It is important to note that as opposed to the traditional cigarette which has to be fueled by tobacco, the electronic cigarette is fueled by e-liquids, which are basically fluids comprised of flavors of different kinds which could either have nicotine or not have nicotine at all, the level of nicotine is varied in accordance to the smoker’s average intake of tobacco cigarettes. It is agreeable that the ability to do away with tobacco has so many health benefits to a person which includes avoiding the negative effects of tobacco, such as those harmful carcinogens that come out of heating tobacco, whereas it’s important to note that the same sensation felt from a traditional cigarette will be maintained as well as the hand to the mouth feel that a smoker has been used to.

The great news for smokers is that the best liquids out there are made out of natural ingredients, ensuring that they capture the right flavors that will captivate the smoker in a much healthier manner, whereby these flavors will only be felt by the smoker without creating a nuisance to other non-smokers around as would be the case with traditional tobacco cigarettes. E-liquids will not produce any smoke smell that is irritating in any manner, meaning that a smoker will only be smelling nice flavors which will also not linger for long uncomfortable periods, notably also is the fact that these great e-liquids will not produce any ashes enhancing cleanliness at offices as well as at home.

The benefits that an amazing e-liquid product has over traditional cigarette means that smokers should explore this option, which is much healthier, cleaner and tolerable of other non-smokers around, whereas they are readily available in online shops for clients to place orders and have them shipped to their particular destination anywhere around the world, but clients should ensure that they only buy from reputable online shops to avoid fraudsters.


5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Skincare

What Should You Look for to Secure That You Will Land on the Best Skin Care Center?

As the technology and the world advances, a number of things have been found to be capable of damaging your skin and as we all know it, the skin is one feature that people have that is found to be really special, considering the fact that this is capable of damaging the appearance and looks of a person as well. But because there are so many of these things that you can find today, a lot of skin care products have been made available to the general public but this does not mean that this is the solution for everyone because there are others who are either allergic to the product or are just incompatible with the elements found in the product.

Should you have a skin problem that just can’t be treated with regular skin care products, then the only option left for you to do will be to seek the right skin care service. In this article, we will be giving you options on how to find the best skin care service in your area and guide you according to what would be the best thing to do first and what not.

When you are going to find a really good skin care service center, see to it that you will first gather as much reputable names as you can before you actually go deeper into choosing which is which. If you are to gather first the names of these service centers, you could then assure that you will be choosing from a number of handpicked names that are reliable.

However, everything won’t stop after you have the names gathered accordingly because you will then want to make sure that these names are legit and that they have adequate licenses and certificates to show and support their claim. It really is important that you will authenticate their claim because it is your skin health that is put on the line here and securing that you will be safe is vital. When you have these things confirmed, remove from the list those that do not meet such standard.

It is also very important that you will look into the experience of the professionals in the skin care center because this should give you the idea on how well they know how to get the treatment done. It will also be best for you to check and look at the feedback and reviews they had from their previous customers and clients.

It will also be best if you are to look into their equipment because the more advanced they are with their equipment, the better will it be for you.

Source: body countouring new york

Learning The Secrets About Videos

Videos Highlighting on Psychiatry

Mental disorders are handled by a branch of medicine known as psychiatry. Meningitis is one of the diseases that can lead to these mental disorders. Some people however develop the mental disorders as a result of injuries from accidents. Such injuries are those that affect the brain. Dealing with psychiatric patients requires a lot of skill. This is because handling most of them is difficult. Their ability to reason is usually hindered.

A variety of online videos that highlight on ways of dealing with these individuals exist. Ways in which these patients can be trained to carry out different activities for themselves are also highlighted. With constant and persistent training, people with this condition can adapt to various routines. They can be taught how to carry out various activities such as relieving themselves and eating. This makes it easy for those staying with them to handle them. People are guided by the videos on how to ensure this.

From various online sources, people can get information on proper treatment plans for people with mental disorders. Such are administration of medicines as well as therapy. The conditions are thus prevented from worsening. Articles and videos that give psychiatric information should highlight the importance of having the patients taken to hospital regularly for checkups. People will get advice on how to handle mental disorders caused by various factors.

In order to be able to diagnose psychiatric conditions, constant reading of articles that highlight psychiatric information is required. They will know the signs and symptoms related to these disorders. Improvements in your customers will also be detected. They will decide on if they should continue with the course of treatment or stop.

The articles and videos also enable people to know places that they can have their patients confined in. Some of the patients with mental disorders are usually uncontrollable. They may lead to injury of those surrounding them as well as themselves. As a result there are places meant for their confinement. In order to prevent such damages from occurring, their families can have them confined in these places.

Factors that may result in mental disorders should be highlighted in the articles. The factors range from taking the wrong medication to being hit on the head. Dislocation of the nerves in the brain can occur resulting in the disorders. People should as well be made to understand that some of the mental disorders are periodical while others are permanent. They can therefore take care of their patients with the hope of their conditions improving.

Psychiatric doctors are available for consultation by those who do not know how to handle such patients. Those handling psychiatric patients should ensure that they are well equipped with information on how to best take care of their patients. This information are readily available in different online videos and articles.


6 Facts About Websites Everyone Thinks Are True

Getting Proper Treatment for A Psychiatric Condition

The number of psychiatric patients who have embraced the use of the internet for treatment is on the rise. There are numerous reasons which have made online therapy popular with such people. First and foremost, the internet provides a lot of convenience for such patients. While making an appointment with the doctor, a person will not have to struggle. There is no time that will be wasted by the patient while traveling to the clinic. A lot of time might be wasted when a person is traveling to the clinic.

Considering that it is efficient, more patients are resorting to online therapy. When the treatment is more effective, patients are more likely to complete the session. Most of the patients using online therapy today do so because it gives them a choice. Local therapy is the only practical option for patients using the conventional method of treatment. For those using the internet to seek treatment, various professionals are available. A patient should take a number of things into account before looking for an online therapist. Being licensed is crucial for the therapist who will be hired by the patient. For patients who value their privacy, online therapy is the best option for them.

To save money, a person should resort to the use of online therapy. To avoid spending a lot of money on travel expenses, online therapy should be used. It is also important to note that a person will not spend a lot of time in childcare. Online therapy will also enable a person to save a lot of time that could otherwise has been wasted. In the course of hiring an online therapist, a person should consider following a couple of steps. The first step is to research for a qualified therapist. When looking for an online therapist, a person might search by location.

For those searching for an online therapist, it is advisable to use provide type. One of the fundamental issues to consider when looking for an online therapist is their specialty. The client should always look for a couple of online therapists. When looking for an online therapist, it is advisable to hire the one who meets the needs of the client. Booking an appointment with the online therapist should follow the identification step. There are some websites which have an online calendar to make it simpler for them to get in touch with the therapist.

The online therapist should then help the client in formulating an effective session. The personal needs of the client have to be considered when planning therapy sessions. The online therapist should only use the strategies which are effective. The online therapist should have a track record for helping various patients recover. It is very crucial to consider the referrals of colleagues in the course of hiring an online therapist.


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How to Find the Best Online Psychiatry Lectures

It is quite agreeable to point out that in our current day and age, it is a fact that people are increasingly being affected by varied mental illnesses, perhaps owing to the survival social pressures of our modern generation which push people to uncomfortable corners, whereby this excessive stress will definitely take a toll on their mental health greatly affecting their day to day normal life. Having pointed out the prevalence of mental illness cases worldwide, it is very frustrating when someone has a mental illness that hinders their ability to carry out normal day to day activities, which will even affect people who are the sole providers for their families, meaning that many lives will be affected with children having to skip school, families being deprived of proper medical cover among many other inconveniences.

It is very refreshing and impressive to note that a lot has been accomplished in helping those affected by mental illnesses, whereas other studies and research are being conducted to ensure that the medical field is able to effectively combat any mental illness condition, which promises a great future to most people who have their loved ones imprisoned by this devastating mental illnesses.There are numerous forums online that are dedicated to providing great learning materials in the form of lecture videos to all the students as well as members of the public, who have dedicated themselves to learning important skills that will eventually be used to making better the lives of those whose loved ones have mental illness conditions.

It is amazingly fantastic to note that the availability of psychiatry videos online is one of the most important tools to ensuring that many students worldwide are able to access great information in regards to treating mental illnesses, these are uploaded from various reputable psychiatry schools whereby the best lectures give high quality information that will eventually save the mentally ill society. The beauty about having access to these amazing online psychiatry videos, is the fact that they present an opportunity by which students can get access to new research materials from reputable institutions, which will ensure that regardless of someone being from some underprivileged institution, they can still get access to relevant and important information that will ensure they become great psychiatry doctors providing solutions to their people.

Last but not least, it is important that every psychiatry student in any location around the world should never struggle due to lack of learning materials, as they should just check online for the most current and sensible materials that will further their studies to the best standards, whereas they are able to open video lectures clearly explaining all manner of concepts in psychiatry.