Shrink Link Launches Brand New Mental Health Education Website And Mobile App


(Ontario, Canada)—Shrink Link, an organization that provides assistance to those with psychiatric concerns, has announced the launch of their brand new website and mobile app. Both the website and app provide educational videos about psychiatric problems and your personal mental health educator is available on a weekly webinar to answer your questions. Those interested in learning more and seeing what the website and app have to offer should visit for more information.

George Glumac, the experienced educator behind Shrink Link, commented “Twenty-five percent of the population suffers from biological mental illness which includes clinical depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders and ADHD.  This is a public health catastrophe exceeding heart disease and cancer.  More tragically, 70% of these people are undiagnosed and untreated.  But most of these problems can be rapidly and effectively relieved.

So many people worry about their issues but have no idea of the cause.  Mental health afflictions cause suffering in all the areas of a person’s life including education, work, family and relationships. Rather than live in misery, we want to give people the opportunity to educate themselves about their symptoms, find out more about specific problems and disorders, and get practical answers and solutions to their problems that they can use to improve their lives starting today.”

By logging on to people can connect with adult and child mental health educator

George Glumac and review the in-depth articles, audios, and videos that are provided in the

ever-growing resource library and blog. George is available to answer all members’ questions by weekly podcasts.  Shrink Link has also provided a mobile app that allows people access all the website’s resources wherever they are.  

As George comments, “For the cost of 2 Starbucks coffees a month, people can connect personally

with me and have access to all of the videos and articles we have made available. We believe

wholeheartedly in the mission of Shrink Link and are looking forward to having the opportunity to help

people get their lives back on track.”

About Shrink Link:

Shrink Link connects people with an Adult and Child Mental Health Educator. At the website, members can watch videos, listen to audios, read articles, and ask questions about mental health problems that may be bothering them, their partner, children or friends. George Glumac presents a growing library of information to help people better understand their problems and treatment.


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The Benefits of Investing in a Radiology Information System

A radiology information system is a crucial element in most hospitals. It is a special facility used by hospital staff to provide quality images and important information through the internet. Medical personnel are able to make timely reporting as a result. In addition, the radiology department enhances its functions when they use RIS systems. It is possible for these experts to submit various data and digital images from medical reports.

RIS dependability is because of its tracing and data creating abilities. This makes it the obvious choice for most medical practitioners in this field. In addition, the use of online tools makes it possible for timely submissions of medical data. Investing in an RIS system is important because these units are effective and affordable. In addition, all you need is proper research and you will be able to find a device that works for you. You can shop either online or on a shop near you. These are among the most useful medical devices in the industry especially to radiologists and other professionals in the same field.

This system enhances a hospital’s functionality especially in the radiology department. The effectiveness of scheduling, data processing and registration makes it easier to serve patients better. It is therefore possible for medical personnel to create a tailor made solution for patients because they can access accurate information and digital images any time they need to. If your goal is to get accurate information and images then using RIS system is crucial and inevitable.

The latest RIS benefit is its ability to produce exact images. This makes it possible for the software to allow viewing of different angles of images. Professionals are therefore able to critically examine the images while allowing other people to view it. The satisfying ability to view these images comes because of the impressive software feature. Every hospital needs an RIS system to improve their analysis and accurate diagnosis.

The in charge professional can adjust and manipulate digital imagery which ensures quality results using the RIS system. This system includes a zooming button, rotator, mirror and pan which produces the best images on the screen. In addition to this, a measuring device takes all the necessary measurements. For more information on functionality make sure you visit relevant websites.

Luckily, all RIS vendors are able to give you all the information you need to run a good system. Larger hospitals need to invest in large measuring RIS systems in order to accommodate the data and expand the hospital’s services. In addition, it should be legally acceptable.


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Benefits and Side Effects of Taking Adrafinil Supplements

First of all, adrafinil is a general part of the eugeroic group, which signifies that it is a wakefulness promoting agent, therefore it improves alertness, wakefulness, while lowering the effects that the user would felt on fatigue and drowsiness, and since it is a prodrug of modafinil, should mean that continuous consumption of adrafinil will basically lead to increased volumes of modafinil in the person’s body.

Since adrafinil is a stimulant, then it should more than likely help promote the users wakefulness, it also gives nootropic effects, improving memory, increasing learning abilities and improving brain energy, it is being used by a lot of people with certain conditions or situations, and most of this people consist of narcolepsy patients, stressed out individuals, busy students, and hardworking workers.

Adrafinil has all the active benefits that a modafinil have, although plenty of people believe that it is kind of weaker than modafinil, and users takes adrafinil when they are in dire need of high mental alertness and focus, and taking adrafinil will also give the user some good benefits.
One of the awesome benefits that adrafinil can basically give to the user is that it can improve overall energy levels, improve attention and improve stamina, thus making it one of the most popular things to take within the students who needs to study for their exam, truck drivers who needs to travel long distances and even employees who needs to finish his or her stressful shifts. Because it can simply enhance your overall energy levels, you will also feel improvement in your motivation and productivity, which in fact can also help and benefit all the people who work in a competitive field or athletic area.
Your mental health will also benefit from taking it since it shall increase memory and learning ability, which is why as I have said is very good for people who are studying or taking exams or tests.

While taking adrafinil may highly benefit the user it can also give the user some nasty negative side effects, and the most simple side effects that is proven to happen most of the time are, anxiety, sleeping problems, dry mouth, nausea, and irritability, and while it does not really happen that much this side effects can also affect the user which are chest pain, heart palpitations, hallucinations, and bruising.

Doctors also reported that if users take adrafinil in extended periods of time, they may experience liver problems, this is because to enzymes developing in the liver, and that is the best reason why you should go to your doctor regularly, in order for you to be safe.


The Beginner’s Guide to Equipment

Major Considerations when Picking Medical Products

There are various types of medical products that you can find and they are produced by a wide array of manufacturers. Furthermore, you are aware that that there are many healthcare facilities that require a variety of these products and other medical equipment. Each of these items has its own specific uses and manufacturers and suppliers understand the need to create a product that will cater to these requirements.

When it comes to picking medical products, it is significant to know a reputable supplier or two. There are physicians, doctors and other personnel in the medical profession who have their own chosen suppliers. Most of the time, they have the best recommendation because they know the best medical supplies that are suitable for a patient’s condition.

The shiley 6 dic is an affordable and easy to use disposable inner cannula that provides quick and convenient restoration of a patient airway. You can feel a difference when using this product as it improves your condition. With the suggestion provided by the expert, you are aware that you have the right information from a reliable and professional medical practitioner. You can go on using this device without having to worry concerning anything that might happen to worsen your condition. This is since you have the item that is best suited for your current medical need.

It is still a known fact that medical facilities and individuals like you ought to obtain premium quality medical products. If you are looking for a particular item, make sure that you only get it from a genuine and professional supplier. You can create a shortlist of suppliers and see which one has a huge stock of similar items. For those who have a medical laboratory or sell medical supplies and equipment, it is convenient to pick a supplier that offers products in bulk and even in discounted prices.

Here are the common factors to remember when choosing medical products. The quality of a product plays an significant role to boost your condition. Everyone wants improved results and these will rely on the quality products that you have. Buying branded products provides more advantage because, usually, quality comes at a price.

You must consider as well the services provided by the suppliers, including after-sales support and others. Reputable suppliers typically give money back guarantee and warranty. Be sure that your transaction is made in a smooth manner and there are no reasons for delayed delivery of the items. Your ideal products need to be purchased easily and this can be done once you choose reliable suppliers. You can find some of them online because it will be more convenient on your part. Pick and purchase the correct medical products online where detailed comparison of prices and specifications are posted.


Save Rite Medical Introduces Exclusive Club To Help Customers Save On Supplies


(Brooklyn, NY)—Save Rite Medical, a top-notch supplier of life-enhancing products, is announcing the introduction of their Save Rite Medical Club. The club is designed to provide cost savings to customers who rely on Save Rite for their medical supply needs. Membership in the club currently offers customers three exclusive ways to save on their purchases. Those who would like to learn more about the savings that are available with Save Rite Medical should visit

Marc Kaplan, a spokesperson for Save Rite Medical, commented “We know that it can sometimes be expensive for people to get the medical supplies they need. It’s for this reason that we are deeply committed to bringing people the highest-quality supplies at prices that are extremely hard to beat. In addition to our already-competitive pricing, we now have the Save Rite Medical Club in order to help our customers save even more money. Members who are a part of this club are able to save in three ways. First, they’ll get 10 percent off any one order they place with us. Then, they’ll continue to enjoy 5 percent off all subsequent orders. Also, they’ll get exclusive access to members-only money-saving offers not available to the general public.”

The good news is that joining the Club isn’t the only way to save money with Save Rite Medical. Those who shop their online store will also be able to enjoy free shipping and speedy home delivery on every single order over $300. These cost-savings coupled with the company’s commitment to exceptional service and the fact that all of their products come with a manufacturer’s guarantee gives customers peace of mind about shopping with them and lets them know that they are in good hands.

As Kaplan goes on to say, “At Save Rite Medical, we do everything with the customer in mind. We don’t want people to see taking care of themselves or their loved ones as an expensive burden. That’s why we make it our mission to provide unmatched customer service, unparalleled product selection, competitive prices, and more ways to save. We want to help our customers stay well, and the Save Rite Medical Club is a great way for us to do just that.”

About Save Rite Medical:

Save Rite Medical’s mission is to dominate the Internet sales of life-enhancing products. Through innovation and a strong focus on customer service, they aim to provide their customers with the distinct advantage of unparalleled product selection, competitive prices, and the convenience of speedy home delivery. With a fun, fast-paced, vibrant, diverse, rapidly-growing environment full of bright, talented, passionate people, they offer a broad line of name-brand medical supplies and life-enhancing products through their website and other outlets to consumers and businesses throughout the United States.


Skin MD Laser And Cosmetic Group Adds CoolSculpting And Venus Legacy


(Peabody, MA)–Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group, a premier Massachusetts-based laser rejuvenation firm, has recently announced that they have added CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy to their offered services. The treatments are designed to help patients eliminate fat and smooth and tighten the skin. To learn more about how each procedure works or to get more information about what Skin MD has to offer, please visit their website at

Katie Murphy, a partner at Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group and the company’s Executive Vice President of Operations and Sales, stated “We are very proud to be able to add CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy to our service offerings. With summer just around the corner, many patients are looking for a way to get ready for the beach. These procedures, when used in combination with each other, have the potential to give patients the body they really want without having to worry about the safety issues or downtime that come with surgery.”

Cool Sculpting is a body contouring procedure that helps patients get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat by essentially freezing fat cells so that they will eventually cease to function and then die off. A variety of treatment applicator sizes can effectively eliminate fat everywhere from the stomach and inner thighs to the neck and the love handles. CoolSculpting can be used in conjunction with Venus Legacy, which uses multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic fields to produce soothing heat on the skin. In turn, this heat smooths and tightens the skin, helping to get rid of wrinkles and smooth out cellulite.

As Murphy goes on to say, “CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy are two of the most innovative treatments on the market, which is a huge part of why we are now offering them at Skin MD. They are beneficial for patients because they require no invasive action, no dieting, and no exercise. Our patients can finally get rid of the fat from their problem areas and have smooth skin that will allow them to enjoy the summer heat without worry.”

About Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group:

Under the direction of Dr. Paul Flashner, Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group is staffed by highly experienced Registered Nurses and Aestheticians, who are leaders in the field of non-invasive aesthetic rejuvenation. They offer laser services for patients of all skin types and conditions with state-of-the-art laser systems. Their skin care services blend non-invasive technologies, injectable and laser therapies into a highly customized aesthetic care plan designed and developed by their medical team. The mission of Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group is to partner with patients to look, feel and be their best while providing them with the most superior treatments in non-invasive aesthetic medicine today.


Turn Your Sunglasses Into a Hidden Spy Camera!


It is true. Even if you are not an expert in electronics, you can turn your run-of-the-mill sunglasses into a hidden spy camera! And all for a very low cost, with minimum effort and knowledge on your part, and with just a few basic tools and parts. Here is how.

Things You will Need

You will need black sunglasses, preferably the type that wraps around your eyes and can accommodate a mini camera on its side. The darker the sunglasses, the better to conceal the hidden spy camera.

You will also need a mini spy camera, which you can get online or from auction houses. If possible, secure a mini spy camera with color capabilities and audio-recording capacities. This way, you will have higher quality video and audio footages.

You also have to look for a mini camcorder for recording the video and audio footages. Opt for a gadget that fits easily into your pocket. With some types of camcorders, you might have to use cargo pants for its wide pockets.

You also need to buy 24-gauge black wire to extend the wires on the hidden spy camera. Also purchase a 9-volt battery for its power source.

The tools necessary for this type of do-it-yourself project are your trusty wire snips for cutting wires, your soldering gun to solder wires, shrink tubing to protect the wire connections, and a hot glue gun to attach the spy camera to the sunglasses. If you have all these and a little patience, then you are set to make your very own homemade hidden spy camera.

Modify the Mini Spy Camera

First, expose the separate wiring in the camera by peeling off the protective one-wire casing. Using your wire snips, trim the exposed wires on the spy camera to about 3-4 inches from the camera itself. You should see 4 exposed wires – power, audio, video, and ground. All these should converge into three connectors only – power, audio and video – since the ground wire is connected to all three.

Get your black wire and cut four lengths of about 4 feet. Using your soldering gun, you will then solder each length into the exposed spy camera wires. After this, you have to add heat shrink tubing to protect the new connections. You will then put finishing touches on your ready-to-be-mounted hidden spy camera by soldering the other wire ends to the appropriate connector end. You can apply more shrink tubing as necessary to produce an all-black wire, which will blend with your black sunglasses.

After thoroughly cleaning the sunglasses, you can then mount your modified   mini  spy camera on the sunglasses’ arm. Choose the side which fits you more comfortably.

You then connect the audio and video wires of the  mini  spy camera to your camcorder. Add the 9 volt battery to the power line and you are set to go. Just hide the wires inside your shirt and on to your pants pocket.

Enjoy! You can now shoot video and audio footages with your homemade hidden spy  camera ! Imagine the endless possibilities of this gadget. Just be very careful as laws and ethics can be very different from your own purpose.


Surveillance Cameras – Here, There, and Everywhere!


Expect  surveillance   cameras  in upscale places and in sleazy neighborhoods where there’s a lot of human traffic; you either love them or hate them.

Sneaky  Surveillance   Cameras : Love Them?

They are everywhere. So if you think you’re safe inside an elevator forget it. There are  surveillance   cameras  in those innocent-looking lifts. No smooching and making faces or dancing to Beyonce’s rocking in your MP3 while on your way to the 18th floor. Somebody is rolling all over the floor watching wacko you. Well, you never know so be on guard and behave wherever you are and save those antics for later when you are with friends. But if you’re trapped in an elevator, these  cameras  can spot you instantly.

 Surveillance   cameras  are both a bane and a boon. These are supposed to deter crimes and yet they invade everybody’s privacy. The boss wants to snoop, storekeepers want to check on you, and airport security has their radar on you. You can’t get away with anything if you’re caught on these nosy cameras. Yet for all their unpleasant purposes, these cameras can save your day and your life.

The next time you step out of the door, be on guard. Those cameras are everywhere ready to take you on. Instead of looking over your shoulder or peering into the top of streetlights, stay cool and get used to the idea you’re on  camera . That entails remembering Emily Post’s Ps and Qs.

Public and Private Transport

 Surveillance   cameras  are flooding public and private transport systems. Buses, trains, planes, taxis, boats and ferries are loaded with these cameras. These may be mounted on obvious places or hidden from the public eye. So be on your best behavior.

Parking Lots

 Surveillance  goes to parking lots. The presence of  cameras  in these areas can deter car-napping and kidnapping and the more cameras around, the better. Those trying to take off in the car after snitching some stuff from the convenience have hell to pay later because these  cameras  can get their car’s plate numbers!

MacDonald’s Drive-Ins

Everything you say and do when you make an order at the drive-in is recorded. If a MacDonald staff has reason to complain about you, they are armed with the digital recording fed by their  surveillance   cameras . The MacDonald people may gleefully post the video on YouTube, what a crying shame!


So you thought you’d get away with those nuisance cameras at the park. Not so fast. These cameras are there for keep an eye on vandals. Unless you have reason to fear those cameras, get away from parks!

Church and Schools

In places of worship and on the hallowed halls of academe, the tireless eyes of hidden or mounted cameras keep on recording the slightest motion; hence, the best of your behavior should be on show.

Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants

Do not take the bait when these establishments assure you there are no hidden  cameras  in the john or in the powder room. These places need these  cameras  to deter vandalism or catch vandals.

Next time you go gallivanting, be on red alert. You are on  surveillance   cameras  here, there, and everywhere!


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Tips On Watching Online Psychiatry Videos

Many medical and psychiatric procedures done actual on video have been a popular research and learning material for many people, as well as medical practitioners. There are various ways you can watch surgeries and other psychiatric videos where you can learn about the procedure. You may either watch it live by attending a surgery or watching a recorded psychiatric video online.

Commonly, medical students are the ones who are able to watch actual and live surgical procedure in the hospital, while the general public and the students are the ones who are watching online psychiatry videos and clips of other medical procedures. There are videos that are available online, ranging from psychiatry procedures, orthopedic videos or joint replacements, reconstructions, general surgeries, and heart-related procedures such as bypass surgeries and heart stint insertions.

To watch these videos on your laptops and mobile devices, you will need to install a media player software to support the video.

These online videos teach you the specific medical procedure you want to learn and study. These clips can teach you a lot of details on the actual undertaking of surgeries for the heart, teeth, bones, ear, nose and throat, as well as laproscopy and other general medical procedures. If you want to acquire a solid background in the procedure, the videos offer great help in making you better understand the health procedures that are involved.

To find out more various procedures through clips, there are videos available for playlist viewing in many health-related channels. There are websites around the Internet that have pages where you can choose between different categories in medicine. You will need to install a media player software application to be able to play the whole video after downloading it.

On those pages, you can select the procedure or surgery that you want to watch. The clips of the procedures are categorized under the same common medical field, such as online psychiatry videos. It is easy to find what you are searching for and you just have to download it. Many of the online psychiatry videos are recorded and not live. There are live streamed videos of online psychiatry that allow you to ask questions and email inquiries along the away, if the video is presented through a webcast or a similar platform. Many videos will have a date and if it does not say it is love, there is no way that you can ask live questions because of the video being pre-recorded, but there are instance when you can email the person.

You may be required to secure permits from the hospital administrators should you wish to watch a surgery done live. Usually, these privileges are given to medical students.


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Choosing Pasadena Orthodontists

Teeth misalignments can be both a health and beauty problem depending on its severity, and can even lead to cases of early dental loss. Braces of various types and materials are the most common treatment for different cases of dental misalignment, designed by dental specialists that are trained in orthodontics. Orthodontics is a dentistry field that specializes in handling wide cases of dental misalignments that may also include the jaw bone, through accurate diagnosis and specialized treatment strategy. Orthodontists require additional years of studies to specialize in this area to prepare them in designing unique solutions to different cases of malocclusions that can greatly vary from one to another.

The history of orthodontics as a part of dentistry can be traced back to 2000 years ago as evidenced by unearthed mummies in Egypt and Rome with metal or gold bands wrapped around their teeth, until continuous evolutions led to the invention of the first models dental braces in the 1800s. Dental research continued over the century, until x-ray was finally incorporated late in the century, which provided a more accurate diagnosis through complete visibility of teeth that may be hidden or impacted.

Proper set of braces were only developed during the 1900s, were first materials used included ivory, zinc, copper, and wood, which depends on the budget, preference, and availability, but dentists often prefer gold due to its better flexibility. As more innovations were discovered in the following years, adhesives were developed to replace most of the wire pieces that need to be wrapped around every single tooth. Stainless wires also became the primary material for creating braces, replacing the early metal materials that are more expensive. Later innovations also created invisible braces that can be placed on the back of the teeth, and 3D technology was developed to create clear retainers that became a popular material all over the world.

In cases of severe malocclusions that involves extreme jaw misalignment, surgical procedures are indicated in order to restructure and reshape jaw bones prior to using dental braces. Treatments are always designed around the diagnosis and identified causes of the malocclusion, with the applied braces adjusted at least every month to control the movement of each teeth toward its intended alignment.

When choosing your orthodontist, make sure to check on your dentist’s specialties and applicable experience to make sure that your case will be diagnosed and handled properly. Orthodontics has become a common dental specialty today, with most orthodontists capable of handling nearly all materials used in creating braces. Some of the common materials may be contraindicated in some cases, so it is important for patients to determine their case first prior to choosing materials. Once the patient chooses his preferred material, it also best to check that the dentist has complete certificates and the necessary permit to legally practice this dental specialty.

Source: orthodontist in pasadena ca